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Nicole Sandoval
COO & Co-Founder

About Us

It's your story; tell us about the champion in you!

Champion Film Salon is an international film festival designed to bring together an inclusive group of filmmakers with disabilities as well as films about those with disabilities. During our annual festival we celebrate all of our filmmakers accomplishments while raising awareness for our champions and their organizations.​

Our Story

“We wanted to provide an open and safe professional opportunity to anyone in the filmmaking industry who has a disability,” explains Nicole. “I want to share their story or share a story about a disability that they feel passionate about.  It’s important to me to provide a spotlight on disabilities as I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in March 2014.   Since then, it has been an evolution, mentally and physically, with how this disease affects me and my family and how I can share a positive forum for others who have special abilities like me with a wider audience.”  

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